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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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♪ family and friends remembering a lawtudent killed while riding her bike. this morning many questions remain about the accident that took her life. good morning, welcome to "news4 today", i'm kimberly suiters. >> good morning i'm aaron gilchrist. it's saturday, september 25, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on our forecast. meteorologist chuck bell is in with us thismorning. already warm out there. >> very warm. it was hot yesterday. crazy hot. 99 degrees yesterday the hottest we've ever been so late in the year. it's not going to be -- >> ever? >> ever. we've never been that high this late in the season before. will not be that hot today but still going to be some ten to 15 degreesarmer than average. outside right now 75 degrees in town. mostly low 70s in many
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locations. there's a cold front heading in our direction. come here through the day. might kick off a sprinkle or two in the mountains. mperatures up close to 90 degrees for a time this afternoon before some cooler weather arrives for tomorrow. don't forget it's saturday, it's fall. send your college football request to if you want your team represented you have to let me know who they are. >> i'm sure you'll get the emails. we're following some breaking news this morning out of prince george's county right now where three people have been shot. the shooting happened in the 5,500 block of livingston terrace in oxon hill. we don't know the condition of the victims. pole have not released their identities nor whether they have any suspects at this point. taking aook at what's happening today. the man charged with the murder of a southeast d.c. woman will
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be in court. 22-year-old damon sams was arrested yesterday. he's a rapper that goes by the name nine millie. he's charged in the shooting death of ashley mccray a week ago. last night dozens of people thered to remember ashley. she was shot along bruce street in southeast and died from her injuries. friends say they are relieved there's closure to this sad story. >> she shouldn't have left here that way. i honestly hope and pray not only we pray for her family built we pray for the young man's family he gets some help. >> sa is charged with second-degree murder. today memorial service will be held for the catholic universi student who was shot and killed a month ago. he was riding his bike home when a 17-year-old shot and killed him. foreman is being charged as an adult in the case. is mass is at catholic
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university at st. vincent depaul chapel at 4:00 p.m. and annspiring woman who died after she was hit after going for a training ride on her bike is being remembered this rning. hundreds of people came together at a vigil last night to remember natasha. >> the gree party candidate was run overlast sday. darcy spencering talked to those who want to keep natasha's spirit alive. ♪ >> repoer: a candlelight vigil drew people from across the community to remember the life of 30-year-old natasha pettigrew. she was struck and killed while riding her bike early sunday morning. >> she was unconscious. but, you know, i don't know if she could hear me or couldn't. one of the main things i kept saying was keep brehing, keep breathing. >> reporter: she was runng important the u.s. senate as a
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green party candidate in maryland was riding her bike around 5:30 in the morning when she was struck by awoman. the woman told police she didn't stop at the scene because she thought she hit an animal. she reported the incident once she got home. >> it was a horrible situation to be in. like i said all i could do was pray. i prayed then and i continue to pray to this day and i'll continue to pray for the rest of my life. >> reporter: among those attending the vigil the principal of her high school. >> numerous clubs. ecology club. she played lacrosse. her goal was her studies she had a passion for studies. >> reporter: people sang songs and prayed. the vigil meant to be a celebration of a young won whose life held so much promise.
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>> to be able to inspire people, to reach theirighest potential. >> reporter: maryland state police official says this investigation is wide-open and ongoing. we should know whether charges will be filed in this case sometime soon. in largo,darcy spencer, "news4 today." a vigil will be held in lorton, virginia tonight to remember a mother and her two young children killed in a townhouse fire. 4 yeerld alean anderson and her sons suffered from smoke inhalation and burns. the children were 3 and 5 years old. a neighbor believes candles started the blaze since the townhouse didn't have electricity. it will take place near the family's home. the investigation continues in manassas as officials try to figure out what cause ad massive fi that destroyed several homes thursday.
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fast-moving flames destroyed three houses and damaged five who are. some sidents are critical of the home's construction but fire officials that investigated there say there were no structural violations. >> when they were building them, these things are just too close together. >> my husband told me, no, the houses are too close together. >> ese houses were built exactly according to code at the time that they were built. >> sprinklers and reinforced fire walls were built there. obberies across fairfax county have been committed by the same person. police are worried because guns were stolen from some of the homes. jackie bensen has more on this story. >> reporter: open garage doors, fairfax county police say it's an invitation to an extremely
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prolific thief targeting homes. >> the suspect is entering unlocked doors into the home, going inside home to, retrieving car keys, entering the vehicles outside and taking items from in the car. >> reporter: the thief has been busy, very busy after a news story last friday warning the community about nearly four dozen break ins police think he committed nearly 20 more. this time he stole something more than purses and wallets. >> in the larcenies from vehicles he stole two hand guns out of those vehicles. we're asking residents to be extreme live cautious if they should encount the suspect. >> reporter: fairfax county police are urging homeowners to keep their garage doors closed at all times. in oakton a cul-de-sac with just six homes, two had open garage doors this afternoon. one was closed soon after we pointed it out. >> we're very cautious. we don't leave it open
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overnight. we don't leave it open when we're not here. we have friend coming over that's why i's open now. >> reporter: there's a $1,000 reward for information in the case. jackie bensen, "news4 today." a teenager in virginia beach is recovering this morning after being treated for a suspected shark bite. >> is this why you don't go in the ocean? it happened yesterday. be officials say the bite wound around the biopsy's left ankle and knee is consistent with a shark bite. the injuries are not life threatening. back in 2001 a 10-year-old richmond boy died after being bitten by a shark in the same area. >> i remember reporting that. it was a scary time for people ing to the each. >> was he in shallow wate >> i don't think he was that far out. it was really everybody was surprised. >> yeah. very unusual. still toome in this hour, an american hiker just released
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from an iranian prison sits down with the leader of that country that held her for more than a year. >> she admits to violating the terms of her probation but this morning lindsay lohan is not in jail. we'll explain why. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. the car h the brakes faster than i could. i had no idea the g in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class.
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freed american hiker sarah shourd is working for the release of her two fellow hikers. she lobbied iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. all three were jailed a year ago on suspicion of spying. >> reporter: sarah shourd relaxing friday on the streets of new york following a face to face meeting with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> it's a goodfeeling for me to tell him my story directly. i'm very thankful for this and hopeful it will make a difference. >> reporter: she was jailed some 14 months ago along with her fiancee and theirriend after
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allegedly hiking across the order into iran from iraq. while shourd was released on humanitarian grounds, the other two remain in an iranian prison facing charges of espionage. last week andrea mitchell asked the iranian president what evidence exists about spyg? >> i think we should let the judge and court decide about the case. >> reporter: the ker maintains the trio never intended to cross into iran. >> i have no expectations other than for them to show the same decency so my fiancee and my friend as they showed me. she says she holds no anonmosity towards the iranian
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government. roy blagojevich will headline a program on trust. the governor will speak in new york city xt tuesday. the organizers website said blagojevich will discuss his unique take on the topic. he was convicted of lying to fbi. the former governor has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. jurors dead locked on 23 other counts agait blagojevich, he'll be retried on those chaes in january. a federal judge gave the air force an order to reinstate a flight nurse kicked out of the milita for being gay. the judge in washington ste ruled the discharge of major margaret witt was unconstitutional. the air force removedher under its don't-a, don't-tell policy. it bans gays from serving openly in the military. the judge said testimony proved witt was an outstanding nurse. a decorated world war ii
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veteran laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. he waited 60 years to be recognized. >> lieutenant baker fought at a time when african-american soldiers were not awarded medals of honor. he never considered himself a hero button lie member of his you no it live to receive a long overdo honor. it is one of the most solemn yet regal responsibility arlington cemetery has to carry out. taking a soldier to his final resting place. he joined a segregated army before the united states entered world war ii. he served in the first all-black unit to enter combat and he was fighter who wanted to just be a soldier. >> we have two leg, two arms and a brain just like everybody else except the colo of our skin was different. we thought just like everybody else. >> it was april 1945, baker
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killed or wounded ni german soldiers. he took out machine gun nests and drew enemy fire so his wounded men could escape. baker was awarded the distinguished service cross. buthen the pentagon took another look at the service records of decorated black soldiers, president clinton made things right. he award ven medals of honor in 1997. baker was the only recipient still alive. >> i don't consider my saefl hero. i consider myself a good soldier. that was it. >> today other good soldiers medal of honor winners saluted their comrade as did the rest of the american military. and as his widow is mourning her lost love taps rang out from among the head stones honoring the extraordinary heroism and quiet patience of vrnon joseph baker, soldier. lieutenant baker died in july at
6:17 am
the age of 90 after afight with brain cancer. he said he accepted the medal for all those that didn't survive the war. >> quiet patience. that's a lovely way to descri 60 years he waited for that medal. >> 52 years if you want to be exact. yeah. definitely. when i read more and more what he had done very much deserved. >> all ght, thanks, aaron. let's check in with chuck for a look at the forecast. >> another very warm y outside. for the most part we'll ca at it dry day today. if you got stuff to do outside this weekend you may want to go ahead and make those plans too it today. a detailed check of the forecast coming right up.
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[ ale announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. . lindsay lohan is out of jail this morning, a los anles sheriff's office said the actress got you want before midnight. a judge overruled the decision yesterday morning to keep lohan
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in ja until a hearing on october 22nd. lohan failed a court ordered drug test after spending three weeks in rehab and two weeks in jail. her original sentence called for 90 daysn each for violating probation from a 2007 drunk driving conviction. an appeals court judge set her bail at $300,000 and that allowed for her release. 6:21. the leaves are just starting to change. that's the only thing fall like. >> the fall i've seen they are going right to brown. they are done. >> it's been dry. >> a blazing hot summer. dry to bt. yesterday another 99 degree day yesterday. today another day close to perhaps even for some folks into the 90s once again. this is the end of the hot weather for a little while. cooler changes and need rain chance. starting the second half of your sunday. so if you got stuff to do outside this "weekend today" is the better outdoor weather day
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for it. but it's going to be a warm one. outside, fair sky overhead. 75 degrees the current temperature here at dowown national airport. the do you want tempetures just a little hint of september humidity now up in the low 60s. 62% relative humidity. winds out of the southwest. that southwesterly breeze will put temperatures up to 80s and near 90 again. off to a mild start this morning. martinsburg, west viginia, 77 degrees currently. 73 down in prince george's county. 73 in quantico, virginia. 74 degrees in southern maryland. you folks in southern maryland will get the rain chances first as we go into tomorrow. here's a cheskt radar. showers way out he in the mountains that's associated with the cold frnt comng our way. those showers are falling apart. not much in the way of any re rain chance. look at the cool air ba up to our north and west. that is the air mass that's coming our way behind this weather front.
6:23 am
w points are dropping 15 to 20 degrees in the last 2 hours across the great lakes and that punch of drier air is coming our way for late tonight and through thfirst half of the day tomorrow. bend that weather front, the front will slowown as it gets down towards the north carolina-virginia border. it will come ck to the north as a warm front with plenty ever moisture. today very warm and dry. tomorrow generally a dry day but as that front starts to wavier back to the north late tomorrow afternoon and tonight, some rain chances tomorrow in southern maryland. 70% chance late in the day. sunday night and monday rain for sure. today partly sunny. sprinkle or two in the mountains. most of us will be dry. highs close toe 90 degrees. tomorrow cloudy, much cooler, chance of a few showers late in the day tomorrow but most of your day will be dry.
6:24 am
tomorrow 72 degrees. a 100% chance of rain on monday. rain showers maybe a rumble or two of thunder lingering into tuesday before some nice late september weather returns as we get towards the middle and later part of next week. we needain between be sunday and tuesday most get an inch to two inches of rain. >> sounds good. >> thanks. the nationals look to the end season on a high note. >> dan hellie has highlights from last night's game in sports in a minute. >> reporter: good morning, your "sports minute" starts with the national. national dose have a four game winning streak for the first time all year. adam dunn crushed a pa of home runs. willie harris had an inside the park home run and jordan zimmerman struck out five batters. the nation beat the braves 8-3. redskins in st. louis on sunday. this is the first time washingtonhas been favored in a
6:25 am
game all yea the skins still don't know if trent williams will be available. he practiced on friday. he's looking better but will be a game time decision. he's recovering from a bruised knee and sprained toe. 's listed as questionable. if he dsn't go, stefan hider will start. high school football our game of theweek was in virginia. broad run looking to extend their winning streak to 33 games at park view. park view the last team that beat them. broad run built a 21-0 lead and nevering looked back. the spartans roll. that's your "sports minute." i' dan hellie, everybody have a great weend. all right, thank you. ahead on "news4 today", new concerns over a string of burglaries in fairfax count what police say was stolen that has tm so worried. still no answer in the search for the cause of this week's massive townhouse fire in
6:26 am
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welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, september 25, 2010. all the news just ahead but first a check on our forecast with meteorologist chuck bell joining us in studio. it was hot yesterday and it's already warming up right now. >> 99 degrees yesterday. never saw that one coming. crushed the old cord which son lie in the mid-90s and it was the hottest we've ever been so late in the season. i'm so done th this summer. it came ely. stayed late. it's been too hot for too long, everybody. it's time to say hello october. only aeek to go before we're in the month of october. right now still a very mild start out there. temperatures in the lo to mid-70s around own.
6:30 am
a few 60s in eastern loudoun county, and a few lucky spots down 20i67bed. everybody else low to mid-70 ppz there's a weather front seak in our direction. toasty warm with temperatures close to 90 degrees again by later on this afternoon. so look out for another hot one. if you need see your favorite team on the college football forecast today send me a request chuck and during the 9:00 hou of "news4 today" i'll gets many games in. >> what game are you wahing? >> oklahoma-cincinnati game. >> such a surprise. >> a shocker. i'm looking forward to carolina-clemson. thank you. >> following some breaking news out of prince george's county this morning. that's where three people have been shot. the shooting happened in the 5,500 block of livingston terrace in oxon hill terrace.
6:31 am
weon't know their conditions. a string of burglaries in fairfax county have been committed by the same person. the crimes have stretched all over the county and police are also worried because guns were stolen from some of thse homes. news 4 jackie bensen has more. >> reporter: open garage doors, fairfax county police say it's an invitation to an extremely profic thief targeting homes. he enters occupied homes during the overnight hours. >> the suect is entering unlocked doors into the home, going inside the home retrieving car keys, entering the vehicl outside and taking items from in the car. >> reporter: the thief has been busy, very busy after a news story last friday warning the community about nearly four dozen break ins police think he committed nearly 20 more. this time he stole something more than purses and wallets. >> in the larcenies from
6:32 am
vehicles he stole two hand guns out of those vehicles. we're asking residents to be extremely cautious if they should encounter the suspect. >> reporter: fairfax county police are urging homeowners to keep their garage doors closed at all times. in oakton a cul-de-sac with just six homes, two had open garage doors this afternoon. one was closed soon after we pointed it out. >> we're very cautious. we don't leave it open overnight. we don't leave it on when we're not here. we have friends coming over that's why it's open now. >> reporter: there's a $1,000 reward for information in the case. jackie bensen, "news4 today." today a memorial mass will be held for the catholic university student who was shot a killed a month ago. neil gillespie was riding his bike home whenas shot and
6:33 am
killed by sherman. the massachusetts is at st. vincent depaul chapel. investigators are still looking into a massive fire that destroyed three homes and damaged five others in an upscale manassas neighborhood neighbors think the fire started in the backyard of one of those homes. news 4 derrick ward has that story. >> reporter: three homes destroyed, five others damaged. investigators still working to determine the cause of this fre in manassas where some displaced homeowners first up close look at what remains was too much to bear. >> she moved in six months ago. it's gone. >> reporter: the fire started after 3:00 p.m. thursday. adjacent houses went up in flames. the proximity to one another complicated the battle against the blaze. >> a common tactic to surround the particular structure.
6:34 am
idealy with apparatus. we were able to get access, vehicular access to front of the building, not on the sides and certainly there's a creek, there's a like to the rear. >> reporter: the intensityf the heat evident as this house across the street the aluminum siding buckled. >> at one point they did move us a block on up the road and we just live right up the street and debris from here was flying into our yard. >> reporter: for some folks there were fears with so many homes so close together one neighbor's fate could quily become that of a neighborhood. >> these things are just too close together. i was afraid something like this might happen. >> reporter: me decided to pass onhis community all together. the houses were too close for comfort. >> i loved the housing and area. but my husband told me he said
6:35 am
no angel the houses are close together. >> reporter: sprinklers and reinforced fire walls were not here. >> these houses were built exactly according to code at the timthat they were built. >> reporter: derricward, news 4. still to come they may be the most famous couple in washington right now. >> now we'll tell you how can you get your hand on the sari
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so, it's the weekend. that means you may want to add some time your metro travels. expect half hur delays on parts of the orange, blue, yellow and green lines because of track work. trains on the orange line will be single tracking between vienna and wt falls stations. blue and yellow lines you'll be facing delays between pentagon city and braddock road stations. thre will also be blue line delays between
6:39 am
franconia-springfield and largo town center and on the green line add 20 minutes between branch avenue and naylor road stations. better weekend than weekday. >> white house gate crasher michaela salahi and her husband got plenty of negative press. >> but she's using her celebrity for good and today you can get an up close look at the dress she wore to the dinner. starting today the gown will be open for preview at the pot knock company in alexandria. the auctio is scheduled for october 2nd. the dress could fetch between $2,000 and $3,000 and the salahis want 80% of the proceeds to go the clinton-bush haiti fund asell as a local charity. got to give them credit for that. 6:40. when we come back chuck takes a look at a forecast when things
6:40 am
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with chili's $20 dinner for two. "the today show" is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they are working. >> amy robach joins us live. coming up political theater what was comedian steven colbert doing in congress testifying before a house subcommittee. a lot of people thought it was no laughing matter. we'll tell you what it was about. then ught on tape disturbing video of two 16-year-old girls cat fighting in front of a crowd. the mother of one of the girls is actually encouraging the fight. plus a medical marvel. we'll meet a man who had a double hand transplant after being injured in a fire. it's the only third time this operation has been performed in the u. lindsay lohan is out on bail
6:44 am
this morning. we'll bring you the latest on the troubled actress. "saturday night live" begins it's 36th season tonight. we'll tell you more when we see you later. kimberly and aaron, back to you. now a look at this forecast today with chuck bell. we were talking about fact it's going to becooler. we're trying to find the right word to minimize. >> about 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday. so tats not so bad if you look at it th way. nearly 90 degrees. we only need one more -- if we make to it 90 degrees today, everybody, we'll have tied the record for the number of 90 degree days in a year. the record is 67 days in the 90s. that was setback in the year 1980. we had 6690 degree plus days so far tis year and we are going to be within a whisper of another one coming up later this afternoon. right now 75 degrees in downtown washington. 61 degrees the current dew
6:45 am
point. winds remain out of the southwest about nine miles an hour. that's because the co front hasn't made it into washington yet out ahead of the front southwesterly winds allowed for a very mild start to your saturday morning, 77 degrees right now in martinsburg and charles town. 73n winchester and front royal. 73 in culpeper, virginia. hagerstown i the mid-70s. 70 degrees in frederick, maryland. 73 in bowie and brandywine. here's a look at the radar. a few fading sowers now across parts of the mountains. maybe a sprinkle or two primarily to the west of the blue ridge mountains up to the panhandle of west virginia. these are ver short-lived rain drop events. that wille just about it. the rest of it will stay dry. mild 70s ahead of the front. 40s and 50s back the other side with much drier air. this is the change in dew point over the last 4 hours. that big punch is coming our way for late tonight into the first part of tomorrow. th will keep most of our
6:46 am
sundry but this weather front aiming for the virginia-north carolina border today will stall out to our south and wait for a big area ofigh pressure to develop. that will bring clouds back in here. by 6:00 tomorrow evening. cloudy skies. risk of a shower especially south of town tomorrow into southern maryland into the lower parts of e eastern shore as well. rain becomes veryikely by late sunday night and looks like monday may be a wash out. but the good kind of wash out. weesperately need the rain. partly sunny today. quite warm again. very close to tying the record today for the number of 90 degree days. we'll be 89, 90 degrees here in the washington area. maybe a sprinkle or two up in the mountains. then tomorrow clouds on the increase. much cooler tomorrow. highs on in the upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow. so that will be a very nice change, indeed. 89 today. 72 tomorrow for a high temperature with rain becoming likely late in the day tomorrow. rain very likely all day monday
6:47 am
and showery maybe a rumble or two of thunder on tuesday before pleasant late september weather returns for wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. the requests are already rolling in if you want to see the michigan a bowling green game. they want to see the oklahoma game, of course. want to see the maryland forecast all those things. if you need your college footbalforecast between 9:00 and 10:00 send me the request to chuck >> hot day for sports. we have a couple of ccer games to go to. >> don't fget your sun block. >> anybody through a curveball? >> i got the delaware-richmond game coming up as well. i got that request in. the fighting blue hence. >> thank u. still to come better late than never. >> the nationals get hot right at the end. season. dan hellie will have more on the streaking nats although they keep their clothes on. that's coming up in orts.
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6:51 am
it is another saturday packed with college football. >> dan hellie has preview of today's big games plus highlights of a thriller at nats park in this morning's sports. >> good morning. likes a little rest does the body good. adam dunn took a night off from baseball came back last night with with a vengeance. he helped the nats win their fourth straight. the nats surprised the braves paemd dunn looking for his second home run in as many at bats and this one is done and gone pap two-run shot, dunn sixth multihome run of the season. of course you're going to do that. nats up 3-0.
6:52 am
nationals pitcher jordan zimmerman trying to get back in his groove after a couple of rough outings. zimmerman struck out five in five innings of work and picks up his in 15 months. harris with a drive to deep center-field, nate mccloud ain't going to get to it. harris says oh, oh, they can't find ball but i can find third and i'm thinking of rounding it for home. how about inside the park home run just a second in national's histo. he's jacked. the nationals win it 4-3. all right. the orioles in toronto. trying to win there for the first time this season take on former maryland cecil. looking bright here getting adam jones swinging. bottom sixth now, chris tilghman pitching for the os. this man is dangerous.
6:53 am
one on and one gone. batista second home run the year. the o's still winless in toronto. redskins in st. louis on sunday. this is going to be the first time washington has been favored in the game this season although not by a lot. rams just 3 1/2oint underdog despite not having won a home game since 2008. the redskins can polish up that lackluster run. st. louis has the third worse rushing defense night. the skins don't cho if trent williams will be ailable to help out. heracticed yesterday and is looking better. it will be a game time decision. williams recovering from a bruised knee and a sprained toe. he's officially listed as questionable. if he doesn't go, stefan hire
6:54 am
will get the rike. couple more redskins. albert haynesworth is fine. shanahan won't reveal what plans,f any, he hasor using albert on sunday. also multiple reports say the skins will have running back terrify freezing rain the squad. they will have to release a player. that's peyton banks. a winnable game for the terms. they are going in banged up. jason gilbert out for the season with a knee injury. maryland's top two quarterbacks battling injuries of their own although not serious. maryland was trailing 28-0 in morgantown. west virginia is one of the top teams in country. fyu is on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. those guy have been beaten by inferior teams before. he's hoping to play teams like the caliber of west virginia
6:55 am
will help the terms be prepared. >> hopefully we can take our experiences from this game and help us i future games and allow us places to play with big games on the line. the more you win the more, the bigger those games get. ts is an important game for us. weave to re-establish ourselves and re-establish our confidence and get a momentum going in the direction that we want it to go right now. >> all right. maryland kicking off at noon, virginia tech, boston college at noon. time now for our high school game of the week in virginia. broad run looking to extend their winning streak to an incredible 33 games. the spartans visiting rifle park view which is the last time to beat them. all under thing bright orange moon on a warm september night everything lking good. second quarter broad run in 7-0. thomas takes the diction.
6:56 am
picks up about 25 yards into patriot territory. very next play here michael stratton rolls right, nice pss over a couple of defenders to steven fields, a 38 yard completion for the score, 14-0 spartan lead. broad run wins it. highlight of the night turned in by the pats. moving pretty quick leaping up and throwing it to pick. pk throwing it down the 3 yard line before he's dragged down. enough for the patriots to smile but not enough to win. broad run 42-21 over parkview. wizards training camp opens up next tuesday and two players are going in with more security. the teamicked up a fourth year opening on mcgee's contract. andray blatche gets a three year
6:57 am
$23 million contract extension. golf time now. second round of the tour championship, $1 million on the line. let's go down atlanta for this one. matt kutcher leading in. in the fairway and he was snapp for abogey on the hole but before he could finish he needed to dry out his dry joyce. not living up to their name. now on 13 the shot of the day from robert allenby. stops, drops and turns left. dives in the hole. allenby one oer for tournament. on 18. this is what you call a monster break. easy to see here too.
6:58 am
we put a ne little line in there. green on green. oh, man. that is sweet. four under overall. from distance looking for a share of the lead and, yes, bird is the word. donald remains in the lead. j furyk -- furyk and donald tied for the lead at eight under-par third round of the tour championship on nbc 4 today starting at noon. that's your morning sports.. i'm dan helie. everybody have a great weekend. 73 degrees outside right now. i think we dropped. >> every little degree helps. >> we'll take it. going to be a very nice day to be outside. good outdoor weather. it will be on the warm side. don't forget your sun block and don't forget to drink extra water. this may be our last chance at 90 degrees for a while. i won't say that we're done.
6:59 am
we have made 90 in oober in the past but i think we'll be very close to 90 degrees today. slight chance of a sprinkle up in the mountains. better chances for rain arrive late tomorrow primarily after the sun goes down. we could gate few showers before the sun goes down. monday looks like a washington out. dr weather to finish out next week. >> that's it for this hour of "news4 today." quick programming note four. >> fir cartoons tn we have "the today show" and then we're back at 9:00 for a full hour of news. we hope to see awful then. have a great day, everyone.


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